Earth Week- Storm Drain Marking


Earth Week graced us with one seventy-degree, sunny day! Perfect weather to continue storm drain marking along streets that drain into the Glencoe Swale tributary of McKay Creek in the Tualatin River watershed.

“No Dumping, Drains to River” badges are part of a public education program sponsored by Clean Water Services.


There are many simple ways to protect our watershed:

⭐️Recycle motor oil ⭐️Recycle or compost yard debris ⭐️Sweep rather than hose your driveway ⭐️Aim car wash suds away from storm drains ⭐️Protect storm drain from power washing and other polluted runoff ⭐️Use fertilizers and pesticides with care, and avoid where they might runoff into storm drains ⭐️Keep plastics out of watersheds- don’t let them float down storm drains.

🌎 Please, add your ideas in the “leave a reply” section below…

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