A Plastic Ocean: film screening June 6th


Some of the plastics that enter inland watersheds will eventually find their way to the oceans. Although the volume of plastics that flow to the ocean is reduced in places with advanced sanitation systems, the truth is, any amount -of plastics littered into the environment- is not good anywhere.

Plastics of all sizes have a knack for finding the way through drainage systems and into watersheds. The following photos are examples of some of the items that floated through Hillsboro’s suburban storm drains, into a culvert, and washed into our wetland corridor, Glencoe Swale.

Even though our homes are about 60 miles from the Pacific Ocean, we must not be complacent about the importance of minimizing the intrusion of plastics into our environment.

Attend the screening of “A Plastic Ocean” to gain a deeper understanding of the problem plastics pose. Learn how you can become part of a wave of change. Admission to the film is free. The screening is sponsored by Friends of Glencoe Swale and the Oregon Master Naturalist Program.

A Plastic Ocean poster credit: Copyright © 2016 by Plastic Oceans

Header image credit:  © 2017 THE OCEAN PROJECT

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