*Danger! | Smoke on the Swale

Just Another Nature Enthusiast

(This post spans two days to compare landscapes with and without the effects of wildfire smoke.)

September 16, 2017

Nature is injured… today, wafts of her pain drifted sixty-five miles to remind of her peril. Eyes tear, breath is stifled as smoke from the Eagle Creek wildfire burning in the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area is carried west in the winds.

Data on the Oregon Smoke Information map is not good. The air quality where I live, in Hillsboro, is unhealthy. The smell of burnt trees lingers all day. The sun rose and set today- each distorted by an eerie film of smoke.

The good news in flushing of smoke to the west is that first-responders and residents of towns near the fire zone will have a bit of relief. According to an Smoke Forecast Outlook 09-16-17

This morning AQ is observed to be USG or worse…

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