Along the Swale: November 13,2017

Along the Swale

Glencoe Swale is a remarkable subwatershed of McKay Creek… which flows in the greater Tualatin River watershed. “Along the Swale” is a new feature on our Friends of Glencoe Swale website. Here, we will post photos and stories that highlight and celebrate our appreciation of Nature in our Glencoe Swale neighborhoods. Find out what kinds of wildlife dwell in our suburban wetland/creek/forest ecosystems.

November 13, 2017

Brief combination of rain and sun was enough to create a rainbow over Glencoe Swale this morning. View from land bridge over the Swale at NE Shannon Street.

My first sighting of the Fall return of Great Egret to Glencoe Swale. What experience have you had with spotting this species this season? Please share in the comments below.



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